Woman(kind)ness, strength and resilience 2017

A celebration of women worldwide

Loughborough University and Charnwood Arts

6-10 March 2017

Photo/literary/musical and theatrical events celebrating women worldwide, raising awareness for women’s roles in different sociocultural environments, highlighting shortcomings rooted in gender inequalities, and proposing creative way towards gender equity and equality.  In collaboration with Charnwood ArtsLiving without Abuse – Loughborough,  National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine,  School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences Athena Swan Team.

Programme –  to be announced soon



Photo exhibitions

Resilient  women | Kev Ryan (Charnwood Arts)
Maya women in the 21st century (Maya Project)
Migration, nutrition and ageing: Bangladesh-UK | Vanja Garaj (The MINA Project)
MULTIMEDIA: Drawing Water | Rod Shaw (WEDC)