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A stunted note on stunting


This is a stunted note on stunting. The photo above shows a group of bike riders going through a Maya village in Guatemala. On the left side of the photo is a Maya family. Note the differences in body size. The bikers are not giants. The Maya are not genetically short. Their very short stature reflects the poor living conditions, systemic hardship, and ingrained racism and segregation. For more on the Maya health and height see HERE. For more on the non-genetic basis of the height of the Maya see HERE.

Stunting is defined by the World Health Organization as a very short height-for-age. Stunting is an indicator of chronic malnutrition and if not curbed early in life will cause lifelong physical and cognitive impairments.

This photo will be included in the Maya Project eBook which will be released in April 2018. Stay tuned.