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Which site is better for sharing the research: Comparing vs

This post comparing ResearchGate and complements greatly my post “Congratulations your paper has just been published. Now tell the world about it“.



Hello Everyone,

I am a young researcher and like everyone else, I am also interested in making my research more visible and connecting with other fellow researchers. The two major social networking sites for sharing academic research are and It will be interesting to find out which site is better for sharing research papers. I did join these two networking sites and uploaded my papers and analyze theses two sites for around 20-30 days. The papers which were uploaded are almost the same. I give them points for certain important services such as making profiles, simplicity and easy handling of the sites, help section, sharing and tagging papers, visibility of the research, connecting with peers, interaction process, credibility of the provided research papers

  1. Joining and making profile

Both are sites are quite similar with joining these sites. providing logging in with google and facebook account on the…

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